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Build a Healthier and More Productive Workforce: In today's business world, wellness and fitness are not just benefits, they are a competitive advantage. Companies that encourage employees to exercise and promote wellness at the work place will benefit in significant ways:

• Healthier employees
• Higher productivity
• Less absenteeism
• Fewer medical claims
• Improved morale & decreased anxiety
• Enhanced employee recruitment and retention

Costing as little as 2%-5% of what an average company pays for health insurance, The Body Rock Corporate Fitness Benefit represents a remarkably economical way to prevent vastly more expensive employee health issues. Your investment will send a clear message that your organization supports employee participation.

Ultimately, the power is in the function of consistent participation. Through our many years of experience, we can design programs to provide all your employees with opportunities to maintain and improve personal health and fitness. The critical components include:
• Very affordable fitness memberships at our professionally managed and convenient network that incorporate all aspects of wellness in one facility.
• Wellness programs designed to reach higher risk, less fit employees and motivate future participation in exercise (the greatest common denominator for overall health).
• Professional client service and management, which ensures an effective benefit launch and ongoing communication, focused on achieving our client's goals.

Through our successful relationships with owners of large corporations and small businesses, Body Rock Fitness has developed the staff and resources to help you plan and implement benefits of outstanding value to your employees and cost-effectiveness for your organization.

Help You, Your Employees, Your Business: Everyone knows that exercise is a critical element needed to achieve optimal health yet 70% of Americans do not exercise regularly. The personal and corporate implications associated with physical inactivity are substantial:

• Inactive employees are twice as likely to suffer from premature heart attacks than those who are active and fit.
• Regular exercise greatly reduces the risks of dying prematurely from many preventable diseases including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and many forms of cancer.
• Lower risk and fitter employees have 55% fewer medical claims than higher risk and  sedentary employees.

 • Exercise enhances mental health, fosters healthy muscles, bones and joints and helps
maintain optimal personal function.

Physical inactivity is now considered a top priority as a national public health issue. Corporate fitness programs have helped millions of Americans incorporate a fitness program into their busy lives. Based on our corporate surveys, the major barriers employees cited for not presently exercising include:

• Time pressures involved with balancing work and family life
• Lack of a convenient option to exercise
• Cost to participate
• Intimidation and lack of direction

By gifting or subsidizing the Body Rock Corporate Fitness Package, your employees will find our membership affordable and valuable. Body Rock Fitness Club provides the very best fitness equipment, group exercise classes and wellness programs to ensure options for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced exerciser. It’s what we call…adult recess! And it’s a game where everyone WINS!!

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